Городской лекторий Ice Vision «Искусственный интеллект уже среди нас: Не веришь? Приходи и убедись сам»


Ice Vision - technology competition in the field of software for unmanned vehicles. The competition is aimed at finding new solutions based on artificial intelligence, which will allow the drone to improve the quality of the recognition of road conditions in difficult weather conditions. Ice Vision is a part of Up Great technology contests.

For the first time, participants are given the task of developing an intelligent system for a drone based on data collected in the Russian winter, and this unique “winter” dataset includes at least 20,000 images.

The final stage of the competition will be held in the format of the 48-hour hackathon at the site of the House of the Commune of NUST "MISiS", a famous monument of architecture of the constructivism era.



For this task, our partner - Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology - develops a comprehensive, authentic dataset of traffic sign images collected on the Russian winter roads in various conditions (different weather, illumination, camera exposure, and moving speeds).

Ice Vision is a team-based competition and is divided into two rounds.

The first (Qualification) round is an online competition in traffic sign detection. This stage is conducted to shortlist the teams, which will further be performing in the Finale.

The second round (the Finale) will be a 48-hour hackathon and will take place in Moscow, Russia on July 13-16, 2019. A parallel track of relevant workshops will also be offered to participants during the Finale.

Winter dataset files

IceVisionSet annotation files


Problem statement

Technical Regulations


The teams should consist of minimum 2 and maximum 5 members including the team leader. If you don't have a team yet - we will help you find one or form a new team with the help of our online platform.

In order to participate all team members should be aged 14-30 y.o., while the team leader should be aged 18-30 y.o.

The participants will use their own computers during the hackathon and are allowed to choose and use any software they feel necessary. The recommended open-source frameworks for deep learning, which can be helpful, are: PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras.

It is a great opportunity to make a difference in autonomous driving

If you are interested to participate in the Ice Vision challenge, please contact us at icevision@upgreat.one for more details.


May 13 – June 22
June 22
June 25
July 13
Opening of the hackathon
July 14-15
July 16
Awarding ceremony


The Ice Vision second round on July 13-16, 2019, consists of a 2-day hackathon and educational program, and takes part in Moscow, Russia.

Accommodation and hacking will be at the NUST MISIS historic Сommune House, which is a well-known example of constructivist architecture from the Soviet 1930s.

Opening and awarding ceremonies will take place at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology campus.


Who can attend?

Any person from all over the world aged 14-30 y.o. eager to make a difference in computer vision for autonomous vehicles.

The minimum size of the team is 2 and the maximum is 5 members including the team leader. If you don't have a team yet - we will help you find one or form a new team through our online platform.

In order to participate all team members should be aged 14-30 y.o., while the team leader should be aged 18-30 y.o.

Are there any requirements to the team’s line-up?
The minimum size of the team is 2 and the maximum is 5 members including the team leader. The team leader aged 18-30 y.o. should be responsible for its all team members.
Can I participate if I don’t have a team?
If you don't have a team - we will help you find one or form a new team through our online-platform or during special events.
How does the registration work?
1) Read terms and conditions for the participation.
2) Fill the registration form as a team or individual, tell us your name, email and major information.
3) Get login&password to enter the evaluation system of the testing task.
4) Log in to the system. Fill in your solution until June 15 when there is a qualification final task. Before this, you can try your software with the help of the system and testing dataset.
5) Wait for the results of selection until June 20.
Is there a registration fee?
There is no registration fee. Admission is completely free and includes meals, snacks, drinks, accommodation, workshops, fun, amazing Moscow and experience!
Will I have to bring anything to hackathon?
Yes! You have to bring a laptop and anything else you need to work and feel comfortable in your hacking zone.
What will I eat?

All meals and snacks throughout the hacking period will be provided by the organizers.

If you have dietary allowances, please don’t forget to inform us and bring with you your special meals.
Where will I sleep?
In case you live not in Moscow and need an overnight accommodation, please inform us so that we can provide accommodation for you in the Commune House where the hackathon will take place.
What about transportation to the hackathon venue?

Here in Moscow we cover accommodation, food and local transportation across the venues.

The participants pay by themselves transportation to Moscow and back home. 
Where can I find the schedule?
We will publish a more detailed schedule after May. However, the timeframe is that we start at around 10 am on July 13 and come back from our closing ceremony at around 6 pm July 16.
Any other questions?
Let’s get in touch! You can contact us at icevision@upgreat.one


Ice Vision competition is designed as a satellite of a major Up Great technology contest “Winter City” with the aim to attract developers and scientific community to creation of computer vision solutions for autonomous driving in winter conditions.

Up Great is a series of contests initiated in Russia as part of the National Technology Initiative to find breakthrough solutions to global technological challenges.

Co-organizer of Ice Vision is NUST MISIS - one of the leading universities in a number of areas, including material sciences, metallurgy and mining, as well as biomaterials, nano- and IT-technologies. In 2017 the university successfully organized an artificial intelligence and computer vision international hackathon - VisionHack.


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Do you have a question or know how to make Ice Vision challenge better? Then email us at:


If you are interested in supporting the Ice Vision challenge,
please contact us at icevision@upgreat.one.

As a partner, you will have an opportunity to gain additional visibility, lead a workshop on a relevant topic, and may be even recruit directly from the most talented engineering participants.